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The first album from BUCKLAND AND NIXON has been over fifty years in the making. It is very much an introduction to Pete`s song writing and Nick`s guitar playing. There is no particular genre, but the music displays influences from the late 50`s and through the following decades. Their first recording experience was at the R.G. Jones studio [Oak Records] in 1969. The music being recorded on tape and then reproduced on an acetate disc. Although the recording media has changed dramatically over the years their love and enthusiasm for music has remained unchanged. 

BIOGRAPHY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In1963 Pete was introduced by a mutual school friend to Nick. This was the start                               of a friendship and musical collaboration that has continued through to the present day.

  Nick was already the proud owner of a red Hofner Colorama guitar and Selmer Truvoice (little giant) 4 watt amplifier. Pete discovered he was able to play the drum part of `Wipe Out` on a chair arm, so now he is a drummer. With another school friend, John Oldfield (bass guitar) and Nick's brother John (Vocals/organ), a group was formed. After a very enjoyable few years playing in and around York, Nick and Pete packed their instruments and a few possessions into the group van and headed for the bright lights of London.


                 The blues scene was happening; this was the place to be.

During this time there were many opportunities to meet and jam with like minded musicians. Life was interesting living in the van. On Sunday afternoons at the Ken Coyler Studio 51 Jazz Club there were blues sessions where Pete and Nick were able to sit in with Dave Kelly [The Blues Band], Tony McPhee, Pete Cruickshank [The Groundhogs], and whoever turned up; it was very informal.

   Dave's sister, Jo Ann Kelly, was a very generous, warm hearted person. She welcomed and encouraged the two naive musicians from Yorkshire.

  Meeting Bill Thorndycraft of `Killing Floor` proved to be very advantageous. 

Killing Floor were establishing themselves and recording an album, so through this connection the two hopeful's found themselves roadying at the Marquee Club.

They met Freddy King several times and started to get aquainted with the music scene and life in London.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      FORMED A BLUES BAND

                 Pete and Nick formed `Pablo Joe` with                                                                                          Keith Lascelles Horabin [vocals/harmonica]                                                                                 and Jake Wycherly [bass guitar].                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Gigs at various clubs soon followed, including support spots at the 100 Club, Regents Street. Whilst in York Nick had learnt to play the solo from Lowell Fulson's `Reconsider Baby`.  How fantastic to be now supporting him. Pablo Joe also supported Champion Jack Dupree.

Keith was a black American like Jack and for the two to play on stage together with white musicians pretty much told the story of British blues. Jack also borrowed Pete's drums to perform a drum solo. In those days legends were accessible and not aloof.

Tom McGuiness, of Manfred Mann and later the Blues Band, also played with Pablo Joe on a number of occasions.


                  This was where many bands made their demos.                                                                   Pablo Joe recorded `Ain't Nobody's Business` and `Eye Sight to the Blind`.


                   One night at the 100 Club after playing their set, Pete and Nick decided to go up to street level for some fresh air. As they made their way up the stairs they passed three smartly dressed black gentlemen coming down. Nick grabbed Pete's arm and said "Do you know who that was?" Pete, who had only noticed their shiny shoes and not their faces replied "No." Nick retorted "B.B. King."

Trusting Nick's judgement for facial recognition, the two raced back downstairs. It was true. B.B. was in town and he got up on stage and jammed with the band that was currently playing much to the delight of the audience. Ron Watts who ran the Blues sessions at the 100 Club had an inexpected bonus that evening.

 Pablo Joe only lasted a year. Getting gigs proved to be extremely difficult.

British blues was changing; mostly due to Clapton and Cream.

Pablo Joe was always one step behind the more established bands, such as the very friendly John Dummer Band. The interest in blues music was starting to fade. John and Thumper Thompson from the Dummer Band went on to help form `Darts` the doo wop band.


           Nick and Pete got back together with Jake Wycherly and did two gigs as The Thompson Brothers. Nick sang. 


            This was a brilliant weekly newspaper for music fans and musicians. Positve journalism, largely due to the then editor, the gentlemanly Chris Welch.

In the classified ad's section Jethro Tull advertised for a replacement guitarist, as Mick Abrahams had left. Nick went to the audition, played well, and was complemented by Glen Cornick the bass player, and also Tull's roadie.The guitarist who followed Nick played a white Stratocaster left handed, and threw in some jazz chords. That was Toni Iommi, who got the job.

Pete auditioned as a drummer for Supertramp in a grotty little rehearsal room in Shepherds Bush.That`s how it was done back then.


              Jake, Pete and Nick got together with brothers John and Jeff Palmer.

The brothers were very good at vocal harmonies and the band was a bit like The Beatles meets Eric Clapton. It was hard finding gigs, and Pete was getting frustrated as a drummer. He had seen Nina Simone on television singing `Do I Move You` and became inspired to sing and write songs. The drums were sold and a guitar was bought.


                 Nick goes to India on a spiritual quest. Pete`s song writing develops, he moves back to York, and gets married. Nick returns from India and some of Pete`s songs are recorded at Dick Sefton`s newly opened Pollen Studios in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.


                Several bands formed.                                                               

                                                                                                                                Mike Wellman bass                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sid Locker drums                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1981

               Now living in Essex. A demo was recorded at Warwick Kemp's Spectrum studio. The bass player on the session was Dave Bronze, who went on to play with

Clapton,Tom Jones and many others.


                Playing live more or less stops.         


                                                                        KOODOO                                                                                                     With John Palmer bass

                                                                              Tony Kingdon drums                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2017

                Pete decides it is time to do something with all the songs he has written.

Meanwhile Nick is busy knocking out Shadows and blues tracks on his You Tube channel. 


    So here we are, the first of many recordings...........many more to follow.                        


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